5 SEO ‘Tools’ We Couldn’t Live Without!

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As Online Marketeers we are always super busy and always looking for ways that we can save a bit of time (especially on those boring but necessary jobs!). For ‘hardcore’ SEO types this blog may be a bit ‘old hat’ but for any newbies out there, we thought we would share with you 5 of the ‘tools’ that we can’t live without. We have no particular affiliation for any of these, they are simply what we use and find most valuable on a day to day basis. Read on!

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking

If you work for a number of clients and are targeting a large number of keywords across many domains then keeping track of all of those keyword positions can be time consuming.  In steps Advanced Web Ranking! We have tried many tools that do this over the years and this is our personal favourite.  AWR allows you to track and monitor a large number of keywords and phrases across many websites, updates regularly and gives you the data you need at a glance.  Say goodbye to trawling through page after page of SERPS to see if your client’s keyword has jumped up 1 place over night!

Open Site Explorer


Anyone who is involved in the wonderful world of SEO will have come across or used, at some time or another, the phenomenon that is Moz! Moz (or SEOMoz as it used to be called) is a website for all things Search and contains some invaluable resources and tools to help analyse and measure SEO strength and performance. One of these tools, that we use on a daily basis, is the Open Site Explorer. OSE allows you to examine the link data that surrounds any website or url. You can find out the actual links that point to a site, the authority of those links and compare the links of your site with those of your competitors. Recently added is a ‘Spam Analysis’ to help you identify those links that could be potentially damaging to your website. Invaluable!



Though it was never a great idea, since recent Google updates, featuring duplicate content on your site is a definite no from a search perspective.  Copyscape is a plagiarism checker that enables you to detect whether the content on your website is unique or whether it has been duplicated across other websites.  Really simple to use, the ‘Batch Search’ report reviews your whole website and advises you on the level of duplication across all of your website pages. 

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

An obvious one this, but the first place we start with any website.  Hook up a website to Webmaster Tools and straight away you have a mine of information on what is good or bad about your site’s SEO.  Amongst many other things, Google WMT will let you know whether your site has any crawl, indexing or usability errors, will tell you of any security problems and will let you know whether any manual penalties have been placed on your site.   Before you do anything else with a website, check and fix any errors you find in your WMT account!

On Page Grader


Back to Moz again for another great SEO tool – the On Page Grader.  This tool grades how well your web page is optimised for a particular keyword.  It will check elements such as your Page Title, Meta Description, URL, Header and Alt Tags to look for occurrences of your targeted keyword.  This is a great way to quickly check how well optimised your page is and, just as importantly, whether your page has been ‘over optimised’.  The Grader Report also shows you the importance of each on page element, allowing you to prioritise your SEO amendments. 

There you go – the SEO tools we can’t live without!  If you want to chat further about how we can help you with your SEO, call us for an informal chat on 0844 324 8440 or drop us a line at hello@brandboxmarketing.co.uk.

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