Need more traffic, leads and sales from your website?

Then Google Adwords is for you!

Well-managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns in Google Adwords can be an incredibly effective marketing tool for your business. PPC is fast, scalable and provides an immediate return on investment. If poorly managed, however, it can suck up both your time and budget in equal measures!

Our popular 1-to-1 Google Adwords training courses will provide you with the knowledge and tools that you need to make a success of your Adwords campaigns. Informative, fun and jargon free we will help you to create PPC campaigns that deliver outstanding results at minimum cost.

By the end of your 1-1 training day you will be able to:

  • Research and select the best keywords for your business
  • Structure your Google AdWords campaigns to achieve the best results
  • Understand keyword match type settings and when to use them
  • Decide upon the best bidding strategies for your business
  • Utilise campaign settings & targeting options for your ads
  • Write captivating adverts that your customers can’t help but click
  • Find and remove negative keywords to prevent irrelevant clicks
  • Create compelling landing pages that persuade visitors to buy or enquire
  • Test the effectiveness of your landing pages
  • Understand the relevance of Google’s Quality score and how this can help improve results and reduce costs

Who is the Google AdWords 1-to-1 training for?

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional of a larger company, our 1-to-1 Google AdWords training course is designed to teach you how to drive targeted traffic to your Company’s website in order to generate leads and sales.

Why Choose Brand Box Marketing?

With proper guidance Google AdWords can work wonders for your business, but please don’t make the mistake most people do. They decide to go it alone and setup an account without any prior training or advice, which always ends badly. There are numerous pitfalls within Google AdWords and trying to figure it out yourself WILL be an expensive and time-consuming task. It’ll be a much more cost effective and enjoyable experience to learn from our experts first to ensure you get the results.

The Brand Box Marketing team have over 11 years experience of running successful Google Adwords campaigns for businesses across a wide variety of industry sectors. We are also part of the Google Partner program, which means we are an accredited Google agency qualified to provide consultancy and training on AdWords.

Our trainers truly understand the Google advertising platform and how it can be used to generate leads and sales for your business.

What does the training cost?

Our 1-1 Google AdWords training costs just £395 + VAT. We’ll also provide you with a voucher for £200 worth of Free Advertising to kickstart your new Google AdWords account.

To make Google AdWords work harder for your business with our ‘1-1 Training’ service, simply complete the form above.

Where is the training held?

As our courses are 1-1 focused, we are happy to come to your offices or place of work. All we need is a quiet room, a power socket and an Internet access to deliver our training.

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Call 0844 324 8440 or complete the form above to book your 1-1 Google Adwords training day now. We look forward to helping you propel your business with Google AdWords.

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