Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a portfolio of happy customers
  • They are delighted with the website that you designed for them, but now they want website marketing services to maximise the potential of that site
  • The problem – you don’t currently offer those services
  • You see this as a problem because
  1. You strive for customer satisfaction and would like to be able to meet their needs
  2. You want to provide a “one stop shop” to aid customer retention
  3. (Last but by no means least) You are only too aware of the additional revenue stream that you are missing out on!
  • Despite wanting to offer the services, you are faced with one or more of the following stumbling blocks
  1. You have the expertise but don’t have the time to do what is required to offer website marketing services successfully
  2. You don’t quite have the necessary expertise
  3. You don’t have the time to acquire those expertise
  4. You’re concerned about the funds required to recruit the expertise or undergo training yourself
  5. You have considered outsourcing but have concerns over the credibility of some online marketing agencies.
  • You just wish there could be a simple solution…

Well, there is!

Here at Brand Box we have that solution…. We are looking to partner with the best web design agencies in the midlands to provide a complimentary service that sits alongside the great work you do.

We provide:

  • A reputable company that you have a partnership with to refer your clients to for their website marketing
  • An additional revenue stream for your business in the form of a commission/referral fee without the need for the time or expertise required to offer website marketing services yourself.
Brand Box Marketing

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