Want to Offer your Clients an ethical and Future-proofed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service and build an additional income stream for your agency?

Do your clients ask you about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? At the moment you probably have to tell them that you don’t offer that as a service, but doesn’t it feel like a missed opportunity? You can’t refer them to anyone, because the SEO industry is full of cowboys and you don’t know who you can trust.

What if you could refer your clients with confidence to a trusted partner who has an ethical, future-proofed SEO Service that delivers results? What if you could generate additional income for your agency at the same time?

Imagine a partnership where you not only get peace of mind that your client will be well looked after, but one that will also benefit you financially.

Would that be of interest? If it is then we can help.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the method used to help your client’s website to appear as high as possible in the search engine results when their customers enter searches that are relevant to their products and services.

When they enter a search term into Google or any of the major search engines, the engine will use a complicated formula, known as an algorithm, to ensure that the most relevant results are always shown.

How Can SEO benefit your Clients?

Nearly 90% of all Internet searches in the UK are made on Google and with well over 1 Billion Internet users worldwide, a position on page 1 of Google will have a significant impact on their business. An effectively run SEO campaign provides:

Free traffic – Other than the monthly fee for the SEO service, traffic brought to your client’s site through SEO is effectively free. Unlike other forms of online marketing, as your traffic increases they don’t pay any more.

Superb ROI – Due to the effectively free traffic their return on investment can be fantastic.

Brand Awareness/Recognition – Having their website on page 1 of Google increases your client’s brand visibility and awareness.

Higher Sales – Increased online visibility for your client’s website will ultimately result in an increase in sales for their business.

How a Panda and a Penguin changed the SEO Industry forever.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) used to be a secretive industry with some SEO agencies doing their best to scam and trick Google into getting a website into that all important page one position. Then along came a Panda and a Penguin! The Panda and Penguin updates to Google’s algorithm began to penalise sites for having poor quality content and using unethical, spam-like tactics to boost their search engine performance. Many websites who had been using these practices vanished without trace along with many of the SEO agencies that had been working for them.

Content Marketing is the Future of SEO.

The future, as we see it, is not about ‘gaming’ the system for short-term benefit; it’s about creating compelling, valuable content and promoting it to your target market within the guidelines that Google and the other search engines set.

So why are we different…AND…how can we help your clients?

At Brand Box we believe in real marketing, not ‘smoke and mirrors’. Our proven, ethical approach to SEO will be as transparent to you and your clients as it is to Google.   We don’t use tricks to get our clients onto page 1 of Google, we use genuine, effective content marketing techniques that boosts their performance in the major search engines and makes their website a more compelling place to visit for their customers.

Our methods always have and always will always fit within the guidelines set by the search engines, ensuring that your website will be ‘future proofed’ against any other changes to search engine algorithms.

Our team have over 20 years experience in search engine marketing with a proven track record across many industry sectors.

Could you offer SEO as a service yourselves?

Yes you could, but there’s a lot to think about before deciding whether you want to provide the service in-house. Here are just a few:

  1. It’s difficult – If it were easy everyone would be doing it! You need a great deal of industry experience and expertise in order to help influence the hundreds of factors involved in the optimisation of your website. Google look at over 200 signals in determining how to rank a website.
  2. It’s time consuming – This isn’t something you can do on a part time basis. SEO takes time and you can’t do it once and then forget about it – like other marketing it’s a continuous process that is always evolving!
  3. It’s not Guaranteed – Despite what some SEO agencies claim, due to ever-changing search engine algorithms and the work of competitors, a number 1 position in Google is unfortunately never guaranteed. Don’t be fooled into the clever marketing of some SEO companies, if it sounds too good to be true, then avoid them! Your clients website will end up banned from Google, never to surface again!

Why take the risk of extra overheads employing a team of Search Engine Optimisation consultants and the headache of having to manage the campaigns when you can outsource to a trusted partner? Your client will see excellent results from our ethical and future-proofed SEO service and you will earn an additional income stream for your agency.

Interested? Then let’s talk…

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